It is a conscious choice to search for a kind of subjective aesthetics that holds the potential of lifting the mind when looking at it. I am fully aware of the risk of over harmonizing the image, so I also look for a certain amount of tension within the painting.

My work often shows ‘the solitary person’ so the viewer unconsciously identifies himself with the view and search for the concept in the painting and - hopefully - to a connection with a higher perspective. The volatility and duality of existence are recurring themes in my work. My struggle with paint and a certain concept are merely an expression of a deeper need for growth and harmony, the only thing I want is that it can be recognized in the painting. So the picture will have that indefinable extra to charge it.

Along with all these words, I realize that I wouldn’t be half the person or the painter I am now, without the people around me, like my wife and daughter. Without them also my paintings would show differently. Quite often my wife is my model and the beacon in my life, who ‘goes along’ in my creative processes and corrects me where needed. She is much more than my muse, although the swiftness of our lives sometimes makes me forget.

In my Exto site you will not find my work chronologically put in galleries, but based on type of theme or subject and style. Over the years my mood has changed regularly and also my style of painting. I do not like to cage myself in  any way nor limit my work by putting a date. My intention really is to be without intention, speak the unspeakable and paint the unseen. So you might say “Dream on”, but rather I wake up to what is real in us.