In this gallery you will find work from the artist in the last tubulent years. His style of painting resists being pushed in a box. It shows his intention of freezing the inherrant liquidness of paint, in a catching image.

dated 1991 until 2018 (click on an image to enlarge an artwork)
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Flight to Freedom


Dynamic Swan

Landing Swan


Almost Home

Free Expression


No longer trapped in a seat of bones. But Free

Recognising Sameness


Christian in a sense, but realy beyond all small ideas.



John Lenon's glasses

Magnolia Abstract


No words

Conflict in Nature


Sometimes it feels as something has to be cut, before another aspect of your nature can be fully felt. Again for sale.

Head in the clouds


A little girl is standing on a suspended rock, with her head in the shade of the clouds. The late sunlight touches her legs. Not aware of her surroundings, she does not see the small pup on another rock, who asks for attention. Hazy wings are lightly visible in her daydream. The butterflies that fly into the image depict the harmonious relation.  

The contribution


A mix in brushwork to give an image of a girl that harmonizes her personal world an so making her contribution to the bigger world. Daring to look where it appears dark, and thus bringing light to ......................

Inner world


Very recent work, not even exposed. On the left behind the female figure, the rational than one has to leave behind to BE in oneself.

New world


  OK,, a bit New Age, but caterpillar has a humoristic effect and ads meaning.

Memories on tomorrows shore


This is one off the works I may put on sale on Exto. At this moment still in the hands off a collector and tomorrow maybe in yours? Please contact if interested

Circles ever widening


  ‘Circles Ever Widening’ was painted during a period of turmoil in the artist’s life. Because of severe health problems, he had to go through a period of intense struggle to regain his painting skills.

His wife Hester was one of the steadiest beacons in this period and this painting shows her portrait. This painting is not obviously different from a normal portrait, but it needs to be looked at closely. The brushstrokes are more visible and may play a role in the mind-shift of the observer; essential to see beyond the first impression. On close examination, it is full of inconspicuous circles that reach to all corners and even outside the frame. The vertical and the horizontal gather in a subtle manner. Like his wife, this painting is close to his heart and shows colors that are best seen when the eye gets adapted to the dark. René makes a conscious attempt to let his work be part of his life, but it is encouraging that it often turns out to be bigger than that. For example, only recently he found that - within the rippling water - something like a Jin Yang sign is visible. Again this is a confirmation that - even unconsciously - he works within this ever widening reality.

Old ideas


This is an older work, and painted in somewhat kubistic fasion. You can go towards extremes but old concepts wil follow if you do not consignously say goodbye to them.

The Event


On behalf of a collector this painting is again for sale. A highlight from a different time. It depicts the subconsious. A man sleapingly holding a stone tablet in ballance. The falling feather treatens to disturb this ballance. Please contact if there you are interested Also a reproduction is possible.

The Game


One of the paintings I can sell on behalve of someone else. A theme that intriged me at that time. A respectable painting for a Fan. Please contact if interrested  

The breakthrough


An example of a recently fulfilled commission for a portrait of three children. So much more than just a portrait an more than just a painting. A photo session precedes or coincides the completion of the starting concept. It may adjust the concept or alter it, depending on the result of the session. It will be repeated until the picture is good enough. A portrait of a child has to be spontaneous and not posed, I think. It is difficult , if not impossible, to describe the process that follows, but the result speaks for itself. The price depends on your wishes and number of portraits. Please ask for free advice and quotation. mail;  

Part of the circle


Part of the circle is an image of a female nude, seen from behind. Next to her ojective reality a turbulent see is visible. It is ballanced by lines that unite both realitys in a bigger cicle that goes beyond the frame.  

Mountains of gold


Mountains of gold is based on the quality of dreaming. Seeing the close by reality (leaves) gives the material to transform into massive heigts and flows int greater depths. The transparant leaves have a similar quality and structure that is in mountains. It is in the "how" you look at things. 

Het gegeven


This painting has a cetral square in it that is only seen when you look from the side of the painting.Within this frame it has the most depth and reality. More to the sides the picture gets a different quality and it represents the past and future. Both are not. The swan represents the clear insight in the NOW.

Windows 3


Depict a vunerable naked woman.

Eternal Glory


   ‘Eternal Glory’ was the result of a commission to paint a picture using ingredients from some of Zwaga’s own previous works. It depicts the “person” that is central in our life and the turbulence between a worldly and a more subtle reality. The chair has one leg on the world and one beyond a certain border.Beyond thisborder the promise of more harmony and on this side relativity and decay.You are the one that observes. The brushwork of this painting is close to what a painter experiences in the act of painting, when the paint keeps a liquid, flowing quality.   

The Fool


A theme connected with the Tarot in a (for me) experimental style.